The official mail carrier of the US is a matter of pride and history for the citizens and residents of the country. They have been the epitome of postal service across the world since ages and even now they give an outstanding service that many postal services across the world still try to emulate. They have been in the business since the days when mail was carried on horse backs and are still in business when all one needs to do to send a parcel is just click the mouse button.

They are into a host of services as of today. They have been involved in a basic postal services and even innovating new techniques in them to provide the customer with better satisfaction on a regular basis. They have now even diversified into other business in the areas of advertisement and business logistical solutions. They also provide the citizens with the option of applying for a passport through the website of the USPS. Paying of taxes and utility bills can be just a matter minutes with the online payment portals of the USPS. They are even now trying to diversify into many other business ventures and are committed to provide the best in class service to each and every individual.

USPS Tracking

One of the better services of the USPS is the option of tracking any mail through its website. They are the pioneers in this tracking system and were the first ones to provide such services to the common people. They generate a unique number that is used to tag and identify a particular mail or post every single time it reaches a nodal point, for every time a booking is done at any of its offices or through the internet.

The customer has to just log on to the website and provide this unique number in the designated area to get full details about the whereabouts of his/her post or parcel that has been booked through USPS. This service is not only for domestic locations but has also been extended to international parcel or post that are booked through it.