The Ukrpost is committed to provide the residents and the citizens of Ukraine with a very efficient and world class postal service. They have been providing postal services to the people of their nation since a long time and they are a reliable name for sending any kind of post or parcel across Ukraine. They have been involved in all sorts of traditional post office activities like accepting letter posts, money orders, parcels and others like registry post. However these days they are also coming up with many modern day services allied to their business in the areas of retail and business.

Ukrpost has been designated as the national postal carrier by government decree and it is the sole provider of such services in the country of Ukraine. It has got 31 main branches spread across the length and breadth of the country thus effectively covering the whole country and providing quality service to the nation. They have services in the areas of traditional postal activities along with international money transfer and advertising in the allied fields. They even have tracking system in place for all mail or parcel that is sent through their service from anywhere to anywhere in and outside the country.

Ukrpost Tracking

One of the better services of the postal service of Ukraine that has been offered to the customers as a part of the modernisation process is the option to track their mail or post in real time from anywhere through the internet. This basically works with help of an unique identification code that is generated every time a post or a parcel is booked from any office of the postal service.

Customers are given this code at the time of booking for future reference and they can use this number to find out about the whereabouts of their parcel or post in real time. All one needs to do is to log on to the website of the Ukraine postal service and then go to the tracking and feed in the unique number. They provide this tracking service for all national and international mail.