Qpost or Q-Post can be defined as the entity entrusted with the responsibilities of leading postal operations in Qatar. It’s a state owned enterprise and was founded initially in the year 1950. The Qpost has its head office situated in Doha Corniche and the head office has been equipped well with 25,000 completely computerized electronic Post Office boxes. In the initial years the Qpost operated with just nine hundred private post office boxes for one site- but these days, the drastic technical development in Qatar has resulted in the installation of as many as 25,000 electronic post office boxes in the Doha office in 1988 which can be dubbed as the 1st of its kind to take place in the whole world. In other places there are over 12,000 traditional post office boxes & seventeen other branches throughout the country. The products & services o0f Qpost are letter posting, parcel posting, EMS (Mumtaz Post), money order, QPP, QP Express, Philately, enquiry, renewal of Health Card, driving license delivery and so on. The national postal operator of Qatar has also participated in combating the smuggling of illegal items via postal deliveries. Its good to inform that Qatar would be hosting the twenty-fifth UPU (Universal Postal Union) Congress in the year 2012.

Qpost Tracking

Qpost is offering for the Qpost Tracking service to enable its valued customers in keeping track of their deliveries through the country’s national postal order. The facility is available online via the Qpost website with the help of its “Track & Trace” section. The entire tracking procedure involves a few simple steps. First of all, the customer has to select his enquiry type, i.e. he has to pick the right option from “Inward enquiry” and “Outward enquiry”. Next, he has to choose the right service type from the categories like Registered Mail, EMS, parcel, Qpp and GulfEx. After the enquiry and service selection, the next step is to input the “item number” in its actual style that will be a jumble of alphabets with numbers, sans any gap, and something like RR649285517QA. Finally its time to click on the “Submit” tab below so that website can show up with the actual status of the delivery.