Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is the leading postal organization in Italy and is owned by the Italian government. The company is jointly owned by Italian Economy & Finance Ministry (65%) and 35 percent by the “Cassa Depositi e Prestiti”. The subsidiaries of Post Italiane are SDA Group that offers for express mail & logistics, the Postecom to manage the internet services, the BancoPosta Fondi entrusted with investment and life insurance solution and the Postel which provides for document processing & hybrid electronic mailing. Apart from providing for the principle postal services across the country and overseas, the Post Italiane offers for integrated products plus postal savings, logistics, communication & financial services across Italy. It has its head quarter situated in Rome, the capital city of Italy and at present the organization is running with staff strength of around 149,703 employees. The Post Italiane is governed with powers divided in between Directors Board (comprising of five members) and Auditors Board which includes three statutory members. Giovanni lalongo is the Presidente and Massimo Sarmi is the Directorate General of the Poste Italiane. The company is one of the founding members of the Consumer’s Forum which is an independent organization with members from big consumer associations, great number of service and industrial companies, institutions, research centers, trade associations and universities.

Poste Italiane Tracking

The Poste Italiane offers the post tracking service through its official website online. The interested customers can visit the Post Italiane website and click on to the “Dovequando” section for information on the status of their delivered items through the postal organization. The customers are requested to input their item bar code on the space specified “Inserisci il codice della spedizione” which is a 13 character alpha-numeric code placed on the shipment receipt. These characters have to be inserted seamlessly, i.e. without any space & could be filled in either lower or upper case. After entering the bar code the customers have to press on the adjacent “Esegui” button which would then turn up with the status details of the delivered mail and inform on whether the mail has been actually delivered or not. It’s good to inform that the Post Italiane tracking service is available for 24 hours everyday and thus the customer can enquire about their mails anytime.