Posta Romana

Posta Romana can be explained as the national postal operator of Romania. It’s a state owned joint stock organization. Romania’s national postal operator was founded way back in 1862 and has its headquarter situated in Bucharest. The main products and services of Posta Romana are postal cards delivery, letter mail delivery, merchandise or parcel delivery, Express delivery, money transfer and philately. At present the company is serving with 34,700 employees and more than 5, 100 postal offices of which near about 1300 post offices are completely computerized. The Posta Romana covers a country area of 237.500 and the sum of population enjoying the benefits of its service is around 21.680.974. It’s good to inform that Posta Romana was one of the founding members of UPU (Universal Postal Union) from its inception in the year 1874. The national post office of Romania was also the host vas well as the organizer for 23rd UPU Congress that took place in Bucharest. Romania was the Chairman of the UPU Council from 2004-2008. Then, Posta Romana again, was one of the founding members of the PostEurop in 1993 & actively participated in its activities and contributed in the function of many PostEurop Committees.

Posta Romana Tracking

Post Romana is providing for a tracking service to its customers that would in turn allow them to now about the delivery of their items via the country’s national postal system. The tracking function is viable online through Post Romana’s website and via its Track and Trace division. The customer interested in tracking has to visit the respective section and proceed with the operation. As someone enters the particular web section, there will be a blank box open where he would have to insert the parcel’s reference number. The reference number is actually a character code comprising of alphabets and digits conjoined together, without any other arrangement such as a dash or space in between. The customer looking to trace his item has to input the Reference Number without distorting its format and then hit on the “Search” tab beside. Next, the page will turn up with details on the latest status of the parcel.