Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia or the Pos Malaysia Berhad is the premium post service company in Malaysia. Though it was initially a government owned organization in the year 1992 it was restructured and transformed into a business organization. The services provided by Pos Malaysia include postal services, transport logistics, insertion and printing, counter collection and a range of financial services. Under the category of financial transactions services like payment of bill, insurance, remittance and unit trusts are included.

Pos Malaysia has the exclusive concession to provide its services via its network of more than 850 of its branches and small post offices. Under the general mail services that Pos Malaysia offers there is the standard mail, non standard mail, postcard, aerogramme, international mail and Mel Rakyat. Mel Rakyat services pertain to prepaid letters which use special, foldable letters and have sides that are self adhesive. The Mel Rakyat services are available in all the post offices and can be posted in any post box. The business mailing solutions offered by Pos Malaysia include periodicals, bulk mailing, franking, business reply service, Pos Dakumen, ad mail, envo-ad and corporate mail management. To make bill payments via Pos Malaysia, clients have to register first. After registration is complete, bills can be paid online without any hassle.

Pos Malaysia Tracking

Among the wide array of services provide by Pos Malaysia, there is an extremely important service, i.e., the service of ‘Track and Trace’ which allows the clients of Pos Malaysia to trace the most recent position of the items they have posted and track its current status. To access the benefits of this service, the clients will first require to log into the website of Pos Malaysia and then click on Track and Trace. They will be redirected to a page where they have to enter the registration number of the item they want to track and submit it. They will be able to see the current status of the item they have posted. Up to ten items can be tracked at a time. The registration numbers of the items have to be typed into the box separated by semi colons. All types of items can be tracked through this service.