Magyar Posta - Hungarian Post

Magyar Posta is the postal administration of Hungary. The full form of Magyar Posta is Magyar Posta Zrt. In addition to delivering the mails and parcels, the Magyar Posta also provides other services like marketing, logistics and banking. The Magyar Posta was founded in the year 1867 and its headquarters is located in Budapest, Hungary. The color of the Magyar Post is green. The emblem of the Magyar Posta is the tasseled postal horn that is colored in green. The Magyar Posta is a limited company that is owned by the State of Hungary.

When you visit the website of Magyar Posta, you might feel lost at first. This is because all the content in the Magyar Posta website are written in Hungarian language. So if you are not at all acquainted with the Hungarian language, chances are high that you may not understand which link leads to where and this will cause unwanted trouble and confusion for you. To make the website easily navigable to those not acquainted with Hungarian, there is an option that will allow you to change the contents of the website into English. Once the preference of the language is changed, it will become easy for you to navigate through the website.

Magyar Posta tracking

Although the Magyar Posta will ensure timely delivery of your mail and parcel, you might feel insecure and worried as to whether or not your mail or parcel has reached the destination or not. To make sure that you stop worrying about the timely delivery of your mail, the Magyar Posta website offers you the unique facility to track your mails or parcels. You can enter your postal reference number in the box marked for tracking and get a fair idea about the delivery status of your mail.

If you have the hobby of collecting stamps then you can opt for stamp subscription through the Magyar Posta website itself. The Magyar Posta even offers a unique facility to its clients that allow them to order their own stamp through the website of Magyar Posta. You can also buy special postcards, commemorative cards and commemorative sheets from the website of Magyar Posta.