Lithuania Post

The largest provider of Lithuania post is AB Lietuvos paštas which is a public limited company. AB Lietuvos paštas has been in business for a very long time and is known for its long lasting tradition and extremely professional service. The unparalleled efficacy in its services has helped the company to earn public trust. Not only postal services, AB Lietuvos paštas offers services like courier, financial intermediation, logistics and electronic services.

As far as the postal services of this Lithuania post is concerned, it includes prepaid packages, courier mail services, and economy items Siuntos 24 wherein items can be sent and collected within 24 hours, letter post items, hybrid mails and parcels. As for the business mail service offered by the Lithuania post goes, there is international express mail, advertising service, printing and enveloping service, financial service and subscription to periodicals along with additional services. The prepaid package service offered by this Lithuania post comes in three different standard sizes and is a great help to their clients who run short of time. The packages are designed exclusively and are convenient. There are also economy items that are delivered between the post offices. All in all this Lithuania post tries to cater to all kinds of postal needs of the clients.

Lithuania Post Tracking

To make this easier for their clients Lithuania post AB Lietuvos paštas offers the service of tracking the items. This allows the clients to track the status of their items and get an idea of how fast it will reach its destination. In order to track a particular item, clients will be required to visit the website of AB Lietuvos paštas and click on “Tracking of Items”. On clicking on ‘Tracking of Items” the clients will be redirected to a page where the items can be tracked. To track the item, the registration number that consists of 13 characters has to be entered into a box. The registration number can be found on the receipt that is issued by the post office during the time of posting the item. At least up to five tracking numbers needs to be entered into the box. On submitting the registration number the status of the item dispatched will be shown.