Liban Post

Liban Post can be defined as the organization responsible for the national postal services in Lebanon. The postal operator is fairly young and was founded in 1998. The company is privately owned. Since its origin, the Liban Post had its activities and mission centered round 3 tracks which are rebuilding the infrastructure, diversifying the organization’s business lines and create up a solid brand. Liban Post today offers for more then hundred services that includes mail & express, retail & merchandizing activities, financial services, e-commerce, philately & governmental services. It’s interesting to note that the Lebanese postal organization provides for an extensive governmental servicing portfolio in fifteen public institutions. The Liban Post handles nearly 20 M shipments everyday and till last year the company has been estimated to execute nearly 8 M government formalities. The organization operates through seventy-four post offices that covers up the full Lebanese territory and are present in good traffic areas. Khalil Daoud is the present CEO of Liban Post. It’s great to state that Liban Post has received a good lot of awards in 2006 (the SuperBrand award), 2010 (the World Mail Reward for both Transformation and Innovation) and in 2011 (the QMI-SAI GLOBAL certificate for quality management).

Liban Post Tracking

The Liban Post is offering for a post tracking service so that its customers can get a trace of their items delivered through the postal operator and stay worry-free. The Liban Post official website has provided for a virtual tracking tool which will help in the tracking process of the postal operator. The customer would have to get to the website and reach up to the “Track and Trace” section for the processing. There are two boxes waiting for him to be filled-one of them requires the customer to mention about his mail type and the other one needs you to place the tracking number. The tracking number is code formatted with alphabetical-numerical arrangements with no gap in between. The customer has to input the code in its actual form sans anything in between the characters. After everything is placed properly, its time to hit on the arrow adjacent to the tracking number box. Now, the page will appear with the current status of the delivery.