Korea Post

Korea Post can be referred to as national postal organization of S. Korea. The postal company is a government department operated under the country’s Knowledge & Economy Ministry. Korea Post has the responsibilities of postal banking, all forms of postal services and the insurance services. The company was founded in 1st of July, 2000 and has it’s headquarter (Gwanghwamun P.O.) located in Seoul. The major business of the organization are handling & delivering of the postal matters, handling the postal savings, postal giro and money order and managing postal insurance. It also provides for some extra postal services like registered mails, accepting postal matters from customer’s location, mail order selling of the local products, postal errand servicing etc. Korea Post comprises of one Division, four Bureaus, one Section and twelve Departments. Its Affiliated Agencies are Training Institute of the Knowledge Economy Officers, Korea Post Info Center, and Supply and Construction Agency for Korea Post. Then, the South Korean national postal organization has 8 offices for Regional Communication which is located in Pusan, Seoul, Choongchung Province, Cheju, Kangwon, Chonbuk Kyungbuk and Chonnam. In addition, the Korea Post hosts 3,663 Post Offices presently. It’s good to inform that Korea Post has managed to maintain the Number 1 status in customer satisfaction for twelve consecutive years.

Korea Post Tracking

The Korea Post allows for the Korea Post Tracking service so that the customers can stay updated about the delivery of their EMS through Korea Post. The South Korean postal organization uses an online tool that helps the customers to track their items via the Korea Post’s official website. Using the tool is pretty easy-the customer has to reach up to the Korea Post’s website and click on to the “EMS Search” section. There will be a space provided on the web page where the customer has to fill in the tracking number which is an alpha-numeric character code. The customers are requested to input the number in its authentic format, without placing a gap or dash in between the character code. Next, he is required to choose his specific EMS item from the adjacent box and click on “OK”. If everything is entered in a proper manner, Korea Post will come up with the latest information of the EMS delivery through the organization.