Japan Post

The Japan Post looks after the leading postal responsibilities of Nippon. It was founded in 2003 replacing the ancient “Yūsei Jigyōchō” and was originally a Japan government owned organization offering for the postal & package delivering service, life insurance and banking services. In fact it’s the largest employer of Japan with 1/3rd of Japanese working population concentrated in the organization. The Japan Post hosts more than 94,110 employees. In 2007, the organization was privatized owing to the fiery political scenario post 2005 election in accordance with Japan Post Network Act and renamed as “Japan Post Group”. Japan Post Holdings Company Private Limited is the 100% shareholder of the organization and the current capital status of the company is hundred billion yen. The principle business establishments of Japan Post are 1111 offices, thirteen regional offices, one foreign mail operation center, more than 2,500 distribution centers, four distribution centers plus one client support contact office. It has its head quarter located in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan and Shinichi Nabekura is the present President of Japan Post. The delivery post offices under Japan Post are open from 9:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday while the non-delivery offices work from 9:00 to 17:00.

Japan Post Tracking

Japan Post offers Post Tracking services online through its “Track & Trace Service” section. The customers eager to know about the delivery of their mail (both domestic and international) and parcel from the Japan Post can trace it from the particular section on the Japan Post’s official website. The mail delivery tracking provision can be accessed through either the Item Number search or the Serial Number Search. The customers have to click on the respective buttons of their choice and fill up the needed number codes followed by a click on the “Tracking Search” button. Then, the web page will come up with the current status of the delivery through the Japan Post. The customers are allowed to search up till 100 items at a time through serial number tracking. However, it’s to be mentioned that tracking is viable for 4 months from posting date. One thing to remember here - Japan Post doesn’t provide the tracking service for tracing postcards and ordinary letters.