Israel Post

Israel Post can be defined as the Israeli government owned organization which is accountable to handle all the primary postal services of the country. It was originally known as “Israel Postal Authority” but later was rechristened to “Israel Postal Company”. The national Postal Authority was initiated in 1986 but owing to the operating losses, new advancements in communications and political scandals a new reformed “Israel Postal Company Limited” was created which into operation since 2006 March. The Israel Post comprises of 7000 employees of which 1650 staffs are entrusted with mail delivery services and two thousand postal clerks take care of the seven hundred post office wings throughout the country. Besides, Israel Post operates through one thousand mail trucks and 4,262 mailing boxes. Around 2.5 M postal pieces are handled every day. Sasi Shilo is the Board Chairman while Haim Elmoznino is the CEO of Israel Post. The products and services from Israel Post includes money transfer overseas, philatelic services, typical door-door mail delivery services, EMS, domestic mail delivery with following 24 hours as well as mail forwarding for the new addresses. It’s interesting to note that Israel Post receives numerous letters addressed for God or Jesus Christ from all across the world every year.

Israel Post Tracking

Israel Post is offering for Israel Post Tracking service so that the customers are able to keep a track of their deliveries through the postal organization. The Israel Post offers its tracking facilities via its website through the “Track & Trace” division. However, it’s to be mentioned that the tracking feature would be available for the items sent through EMS or through the domestic postal service delivered from Israel and abroad. The customers interested in tracking have to enter their item number on the box allotted without any space in between. It would be a 13 character code in case of EMS while the domestic postal service number comprises of 8 characters. After filling the number as specified, the customers have to press on the “Search” button beside which would then appear with the recent location as well as the status of the parcel. It’s good to inform that Israel Post promises to help with the most updated information.