India post

With 155,333 post offices, the India Post or Indian Postal Service is considered to be the single most widely distributed post office system in the whole world. The name India Post acts more like a brand name for the Indian Postal Service. Given the fact that the India Post caters to the needs of the Indian citizens even to the remotest of the areas and the villages, the India Post is also involved in financial services. Those residing in the remote areas or in villages may not have access to banks. The post offices of India Post act as the small savings banking in those places.

The India Post was established in the year 1764. It is regulated by the Department of Posts which in turn is controlled by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Indian Government. The Postal Service Board acts as the apex body and comprises of a chairman and six other members. The postal services offered by the India Post include registered international post, speed post, logistics post, parcels, business post, besides also providing media post and direct post. The other than postal services offered, include ePayment, postal life insurance, money order instantly and money transfer internationally. The color of India Post is red with yellow waves painted across it.

India post tracking

Keeping up with the technological advancements utilized by other nations, even the website of India Post offers the facility to its clients for tracking their letters or parcels. Tracking becomes especially easy if you send the letter or the parcel through speed post or registered post. You will be given a 13 character alpha-numeric code. If you want to track your post then you need to visit the website of India Post and type in the code in the blank space provided.

Once the alpha-numeric code has been entered, you will be given detailed, step by step information about the delivery status of your mail. You will be surprised to find the extent of the details provided to you right up to the time when the receiver collects your mail. In case of any further queries you can always feel free to contact the customer care executives who can guide you in your problem.