Hongkong post

Established in 1841, the Hongkong Post is being operated under the Government of Hong Kong. It is a separate establishment from the China Post. While China has a postal code, there is no existence of such postal codification system in Hong Kong. The idea to have one is in the planning stage for the past decade. The Hongkong post was first operated by the Royal Mail and later its operations were transferred to the Postmaster General on 1st May, 1860. Till 1997, Hongkong Post displayed red colored post boxes that were engraved with the British Royal Coat of Arms. The new color of Hongkong Post has been changed to blue and green with a logo that resembles a flying bird.

Besides offering the postal services, the Hongkong Post also makes money by the selling of Hongkong Post Stamps. Since Hongkong has a conservative policy regarding issuing of stamps, collecting of stamps is a popular hobby in Hongkong. The other services offered by the Hongkong Post include Speed post, Courier Post, Direct Mail, Postal remittance (only to select countries), Bill Payment and Logistics. The Hongkong Post was awarded with the “Hongkong Awards for Industries- Productivity and Quality Award” in the year 2005 and also set the Guinness World Record for creating the largest stamp mosaic.

Hongkong post tracking

With the use of technologies, the Hongkong post can boast of innovative services. Mail tracking is one such service that is offered by the Hongkong post website to its numerous clients. To track your mail you need to visit the website of Hongkong Post and click the link that reads “Mail tracking”. You will be directed to a new website where you are required to enter an alpha numeric code that consists of 13 letters and numbers.

Unlike the Royal mail that does not extend their mail tracking service to parcels and mails sent overseas, the Hongkong post offers the information regarding online tracking about registered mails and parcels that have been sent to only select destinations. To make it easier for the people to track their mails, a list of select destinations/countries is given in the website. Some of these countries include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, India and Korea.