Emirates Post

For the oil rich desert nation of many independent states, Emirates Post is a single entity that provides postal service to the whole of the country. It is committed to provide all the residents and citizens of the country with affordable and efficient postal service that is at par with international standards. They have been in business for a long time and they are the sole provider of such services in the Emirates. They have traditional services of mail post, parcel post, money order along with modern financial and speed post services as a part of their modernization process. They have services that cater to the common people as well as to the people who are into business and need to send or receive materials and goods from outside the country.

Apart from traditional services they are into allied services also and provide the people with the opportunity to pay for different utility bills and also set up a mail box through the internet. One can also calculate the amount of money he/she will be spending to send a particular parcel or item of a known weight through the internet without even having to visit the post office in person.

Emirates Post Tracking

Along with a host of modern facilities that are provided by Emirates Post at world class standards, they also provide the very helpful facility to track one’s parcel or post through the internet in real time. This is facilitated by the authorities with the help of a unique number that is used to identify each separate parcel or item. The status and the location of the post are constantly updated on a main database as and when it reaches the nodal points in its journey from one location to the other.

All an individual needs to do is to go to the website of the Emirates Post and provide the tracking number for a real time correct information about the whereabouts of his/her post. This service is not only for local destinations but also extended to international posts or parcel that is booked through the Emirates Post.