Egypt post

The Egypt Post is responsible for all the mail delivery system in Egypt. It was established back in 1865 and is considered to be one of the oldest institutions in Egypt. Initially Egypt post was affiliated to its Ministry of Occupations before the fellowship got transferred to a number of different ministries. Finally in 1965 it was shifted under the Ministry of Finance in Egypt. The tenth conference in 1934 was held in Cairo related to the international postal service which also celebrated the 70th anniversary of its establishment. A separate budget was allocated to the postal service after the revolution in July 1952. This included its right to direct the surplus revenues in order to boost and improve the postal services in the country. In the year 1966, a general post authority was established replacing the Egyptian Post Authority under the presidential decree. The civilian services systems of 1959 started a secondary post school along with the local post offices and their agencies. At present during 1999, the Ministry of Communications and Information has been given the supervision to monitor and control the National Post Authority of Egypt thereby bearing all its responsibilities.

Egypt post Tracking

Post tracking is a very important system which has been enabled in all the postal services of the countries across the world. This system allows one to check the status of their posts prior to its delivery from the time of its release at the source. There are different ways to view the posts tracking depending up on the different system rules and regulations. In case of a loss in the mail one has the right to confront the authorities at the post office and request for detailed information related to the trace of the package lost and other necessary information. Egypt Post tracking allows you to track your mails online by simply logging in by using your email. Other services like the Postal, Financial, Community, Government and Public services information are provided on the website. The website is the best place to check out for any information regarding your postal tracking system.