Bpost is the national postal service of Belgium. It has over 33000 employees and handle over almost 4 billion postal items that get delivered to over 5 million letterboxes a day. The international expert system deals only with exclusive international mails daily. This includes parcels as well as direct mails. This department has around 400 employees and deals with around 340 million items per year. In the year 2008 it recorded a turnover of 394 million Euros, 272 million Euros in the first 3 quarters of 2009 annually. Therefore this puts them to the top 5 postal services internationally. The international service of bpost deals with daily administrative mails. They have a custom tailored solution for companies and mailing houses that regularly send huge volumes of mails to different foreign addresses. There is no direct ownership of the bpost because on March 17th, 2000 by the Royal Decree the post had its status of an autonomous body public enterprise. The public service missions that they aim for are described which concluded with the State of Belgium. In the month of January in 2006, CVC Capital Partners and Post Danmark signed with the Belgian Government an agreement of an acquisition of around 50% minus a share in the bpost for 300 million Euros.

Bpost Tracking

Tracking your post very essential considering the fact that you will get to know when your mail will be delivered. There are mail numbers that are provided which is encoded into information regarding its current position. It enables you to know how long it’s going to take for the package to reach its destination form its source. The tracking system depends on the postal service itself. Bpost tracking doesn’t take more than 2-3 days even with international mail services. This is due to the fact that it has its information system extremely advanced as compared to most of the other country mail tracking system. In case of a loss of package it’s best to contact the officials directly but that kind of an instance rarely happens in case of Bpost services.