Bangladesh post

The Bangladesh Post Office online gives a detailed description of all its mail services and other services that it deals with. They have the latest of their stamp database with the picture of their national musical instrument. The postal services that Bangladesh deals with include EMS post, E-post and Guaranteed Express Post or GEP. According to the latest information the EMTS won a prestigious mBillionth Award and National Digital Innovation award in 2011. Also, talking about the quality of service and mailing extravaganzas, the upper limit of Postal Savings Bank (FD) and the Savings Certificate, both has been enhanced. And among the latest information about spreading the network, there are five mobile post office vans that have been distributed and procured to the postal areas for operation at Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong and Rajshahi. Both its domestic and International mail services are equally reliable. The former include letters, post cards, parcels, news papers and periodicals, books/packets etc. while the latter include letters, news papers, printed matters or small packets. Delivery time of both depends on the distance covered and the type of mailing service the person concerned is availing. Additional postage fee is also charged in case of both the services but of a very minimal amount.

Bangladesh post Tracking

Tracking of any kind of post is important due to the fact that it gives you an idea of where your post is and how long it will take to reach the destination. This is one of the most important services developed by all the postal services that allow people to trace their mail from the source to the destination point. Bangladesh post tracking allows the same for people dealing with postal services in Bangladesh. There are traceable packages incoming from Domestic or International post offices like the USPS, Hong Kong Post, Speed Post, EMS etc. In case of offline tracking you need to get in touch with the post office officials directly in case you haven’t heard of your package for about or more than a month. It takes around 3 weeks to a month for any kind of package tracking information to appear for international online tracking. In case of any loss of shipment you need to contact the Bangladesh Post Office immediately.